Peace Comes In Many Forms


As I’ve gotten older, I have realized for myself is that getting closer to my faith has effectively made me a better person. It has given me the added patience and tolerance I was lacking for years. It has given me the ability to think more clearly and make better decisions in my life. It has also helped me to not overreact as much as I used to. Overall, it has simply given me a sense of deep clarity.

I prayed growing up, but in my reflections, I realized that I was praying merely for the sake of praying – because I was told I had to – and not because I was actually embracing the feeling that you are supposed to get from praying. I was not connecting with my faith the way that I feel I am now. You just know it because you feel it.

Life After Cable – Another Sense of Peace

As my previous post mentioned, I recently moved into a new place and have been living without cable for a couple of weeks now. Internet was a must, but cable, not so much, and I must say that I feel quite humbled by the experience.

Yes, it’s been a lot quieter, but I’m not complaining. I realized that I’ve now been given this great opportunity to distance myself from a lot of the “noise” that you are subjected to once you turn on the news first thing in the morning. My usual routine would be to turn on the news and immediately be bombarded with breaking news alerts of an overnight shooting or a five-car pile up on the highway or some other unfortunate event, and it would often leave me starting my day with an overall unpleasant feeling.

Now of course, there is a need to be informed and for news to be shared, whether its good or bad, but that’s why we have smart phones. If I really want to be kept informed, it’s just an app way.

It’s really about that time of the day, when you wake up and embrace another day life. You already know that the minute you leave your home, you will be inundated with all the noise of the outside world, so why not relish the time you have before that by focusing other, more soothing means of distraction?

Life without cable has effectively given the phrase ‘ignorance is bliss’ a whole new meaning. I now have the opportunity to actually pay attention to other forms of distraction – which in my view are much healthier – like the sound of the birds chirping outside, the sound of cars on the road, heck even the hum of the refrigerator is a welcome change. It’s just a refreshing new perspective. And if it feels a bit too quiet, instead of turning on the TV, I now just turn on some light, feel-good, music to start the day (anything by Alicia Keys tends to work well).

Will I ever get cable again? Probably not. I certainly don’t miss it with virtually everything I enjoy watching being on demand or online. Another sign of the continued digitization of the times.

I can appreciate that everyone has their own beliefs and what brings peace and goodwill to me, may not be the case for someone else, but overall, whatever source your peace comes from, never ever lose sight of it, no matter how busy your life gets. It’s the one thing that has the power to sustain your happiness that does not come with a price tag and that no one can take from you.



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