A Little Space Can Go A Long Way


I recently moved into a new condo after living in a house for a number of years and I never realized how much I appreciated having less space to contend with. Most people would likely be happier with moving into a larger dwelling – and that’s totally fine – but you’d be amazed at how much more resourceful you become when your real estate is limited.

It makes you appreciate the true value of storage space and forces you to truly live within your means which I find quite humbling. It’s almost fun being forced to think creatively with how to fit that extra shoebox inside the closet, or how to make the best use of a small counter space. I get a unique sense of joy out of the challenge.

When you’re given a lot of space from the beginning, of course you have the freedom to do more, but then you are also subjected to indulging in more than you should be if you don’t exercise some self-control. A bigger space can enable you to feel obligated to fill in and live well beyond your means. I’ve actually amazed myself with how resourcefully I’ve been thinking knowing that my options are limited.

So sometimes, it’s not the size of a living space that matters, just the satisfaction of knowing that the space is yours can be enough to make you feel happy and fulfilled.


3 thoughts on “A Little Space Can Go A Long Way

  1. I would like less space as it would mean less to organize…and hopefully less to fill up by buying useless crap.
    My friend lived in a small apartment in Japan (small for Japan, incredibly small for Canada) and he was very creative when using up space. It also meant that he considered carefully before buying anything to put in that space.

    1. Yes, that is precisely what I am realizing more! Of course space in general is valuable, but it really puts things into perspective when you’re limited and are forced to work with what you have. 🙂

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