Acknowledge, Learn, and Move Forward, Because All You Have is Right Now

Do you ever look back on a moment in your life and just think to yourself, “Wow, was that really me? Did I really do that? What was I thinking acting that way?”

I’ve had plenty of ‘aha’ moments like this myself, and when I think back, I am amazed at how much I have evolved as a person since then.

There is no harm in reflecting on an unpleasant time in your past – it’s almost necessary to do so at times, especially when you’re presently in a much better place. It enables you to be that much more grateful for the happiness you now have. It also gives you a chance to reflect on what you learned from those ‘bad’ experiences.

And that’s the key: learning, and moving on. Don’t dwell and wallow in self-pity. Doing that can be quite destructive and foster a sense of unfounded guilt and self-loathing. None of us our perfect and every hurdle in life shapes who we are today.

So acknowledge your past demons, learn from the experience, and more forward because all you really have is now.

This leads me to mention a powerful and emotional documentary I saw recently on Netflix called Cristina.

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It was a 40 min account of a young woman’s valiant battle with cancer. In the documentary, Cristina showed immense perseverance and courage¬†throughout her ordeal.

Throughout her fight, Cristina gave some heartfelt advice that we must all remember: the only thing you have guaranteed in life is this moment right now. This moment, as I’m writing this post.

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is never promised. Right now is the only thing we have control over. Too often we get caught up in planning our entire lives out without ever taking a moment to just live.

I urge you to watch her story. It’s a tearjerker but really puts things into perspective.

Rest peacefully, Cristina.


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