Social Media Has Given a Whole New Meaning To Perception – And Not Necessarily in a Good Way


What does it say about a friend who does not interact with you at all on social media? They don’t like your photos, they don’t comment on anything yet you can see them actively engaging with others.

In the digital world we now live in, we now have a new way to get inside the minds of those we think we know. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

Does it mean anything if a friend no longer engages with your content on social media when they once used to all the time? Are they trying to send you a message passive aggressively?

How do you approach that without sounding silly? True story: A colleague at work once told me how his wife’s friend had it out with her for supposedly not ‘liking’ one of her posts. I almost choked on my food laughing – I mean really? Has social media really made us that crazy?

And what do you make of the person that ‘haha’s a post about someone’s passing? For all we know that could have been an innocent swipe of the wrong icon and yet it has painted such a negative image of them online.

It’s the same idea if you deactivate your Facebook account – anyone that notices automatically wonders if something is up. It’s almost funny because it goes to show you how entrenched we are in being connected online that if we, God forbid, go against that, something must be off. It’s like, wait a minute, you mean you have a life outside of obsessively logging onto Facebook only to get bombarded by the newsfeed of your Facebook friends (which probably more than half of are barely acquaintances anyway)?!

From my own personal experience, I almost forgot how much I enjoyed actually talking to people face to face since I decided to take my own hiatus from Facebook. It’s actually been quite a humbling feeling.

I remain a social media advocate, of course, but only in moderation – too much of anything is never good. And certain social platforms are better than others, in my opinion, but I am just fascinated in general with how social media has effectively changed the way we think, in such an extraordinary way.

I don’t know how good of a thing this is but it does give a whole new perspective on impressions – especially if you’re having trouble communicating the old-fashioned way. The purpose of this post is really meant to evoke some discussion so please do share your thoughts on this, I’d be very intrigued by your perspectives. Thanks in advance!

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11 thoughts on “Social Media Has Given a Whole New Meaning To Perception – And Not Necessarily in a Good Way

  1. Recently on FB, several people cut ant pasted a post which threatened to unfriend people if they didn’t continue this chain letter/post.
    I was actually quite upset by the whole thing. I certainly want to support those going through the battle with cancer, as well as their families, but I found the post rather aggressive and not that positive a support for the aforementioned people.
    What if you don’t check FB that much? What if you don’t read every posting. The post contained the threat of “I will know who my real friends are.” Let me be blunt. This kind of post will not let you know who your real friends are. You’ll know your real friends during cancer treatment because they’ll be driving you to Chemo.

    1. Yes, great point. I’ve seen several posts like that too and it’s just ridiculous. I tend to ignore them quite frankly for the same reasons. I should not feel obligated to post or repost anything I don’t want to, and your point, whether you do that or not has absolutely NO bearing on how you actually feel about the person going through such a difficult time. It’s more insulting than anything else to know a so-called friend is judging you based on such contrived notions.

  2. Social media is pretty much dominating most of our lives these days. FB, Instagram, Snapchat… While excellent for communicating with family and friends half way around the world, I don’t think that its the best medium for communication with someone who is seated at the same dinner table… LOL..

    Your interesting story about the colleague’s wife made be chuckle too, but at that back of my mind, reminded me of my own situation with my mother. She is absolutely obsessed with Facebook and Facebook games.
    My mother once asked my brother to water her plants while she went out for the evening. Considering it was raining at the time, my brother thought it was strange. But after the rains finished, he went outside and watered them.
    My mom, came home and was very furious. “One thing I ask you to do and you didn’t do it.” “But I did!.. It was also raining”… Well needless to say, she wasn’t talking about the actual plants in the garden, but her crops on Farmville….

    Not acknowledging someone’s post does make a certain point though. I noticed that a certain friend didn’t acknowledge my post when she used to.. After a while, she then unfriended me. I didn’t confront her about it though. I sort of figured that she didn’t want to be my friend anymore. Turned out I was right.

    However this isn’t always the case. Just because someone does not want to be your friend or follower on social media, does not mean that the person is not your friend; especially if that person is someone that you are in constant communication with via email and phone.

    There are those who are living pretty great lives outside of social media; keeping many aspects of their lives private. So no social media is not necessarily the end of everything.

    1. Thank you for comments. Your mother’s story made me LOL! A relative of mine is also just as obsessed with Farmville and I wouldn’t put it past her to be equally as passionate about getting those virtual plants watered! lol But it makes a great point as to how immensely social media has affected our lives, the way we think and behave.

      To your point about the friend de-friending you, it’s definitely a gray area – if you personally don’t care about parting ways, then there is no real issue, (like I’m sure I have a tons of acquaintances on my friends list whom I wish good things for, of course, but if they decided tomorrow that I was a part of their spring cleaning, I more than likely wouldn’t bat an eyelid about it.

      I guess it can only become an issue if you were once really close and then they abruptly did that which caters to my point about how social media has really distorted how we communicate. It’s like just hashing it out with someone over the phone or in person has become secondary to just deleting them off social media since it’s seemingly the ‘easier way out’. It’s quite unfortunate really.

      Lastly, I completely agree that the life outside of social can be one of lasting peace and happiness. Again, it’s all about moderation and balancing your life online and offline where the two lines don’t get so blurred. 🙂

  3. Great article, Sarah, I also am enjoying the conversation it’s starting here in the comments! Would you be interested in sharing this with our readers on I think that a lot of our young readers and writers would certainly enjoy this as much as we have.

      1. You can share the article yourself as long as you have a profile on Creators. I won’t bombard you with details here, but if you’re interested I’d be glad to send you an email with more info!

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