Daily Devotion: The Key to Lasting Peace

Man kneeling and praying

So we are a couple of weeks into the new year and while the promise of new beginnings is very much apparent, the negativity that continues to plague the world unfortunately does not stop with a new year with events like last Friday’s tragedy at a Florida airport.

I know it can be difficult to continue to stay motivated and driven when we continue to be faced with adversity and must get through our daily lives in the dead of the January winter.

But here’s a friendly and very important reminder: always find the time to pray, every day, even if it’s once a day. Whether it’s the first thing you do in the morning, or the last thing you do at night, it will make a difference. No matter how sombre the atmosphere, prayer has the uplifting power to breath positivity into your day – but the consistency is key.

Once you make a point of doing it everyday, it will become a positive and fulfilling part of your regular routine. Too often we are well-intentioned and might haphazardly pray here and there, but that does not always bring the long-lasting peace and happiness that we yearn for. I personally find that if I go too long without prayer, I start feeling unsettled and generally not at peace with myself.

Daily devotion is the key to help keep your mind at ease and stay focused on what’s really important – especially for anyone suffering from chronic anxiety issues. Too often our mental stress clouds our thoughts and feelings into a big ball of mush and we are left always feeling confused. With regular prayer, you will get the clarity that you need to stay on track with your life goals.

I whole-heartedly believe that if there is one thing you can hold dear to you when the dust settles, it is your faith – and no one can take that away from you.

Here’s to a blessed and faithful 2017.

God Bless


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