The Joy of the Holiday Season


Wow, it’s hard to believe that 2016 is already winding down as we approach the middle of December with the holiday season in full swing.

I know this sounds cliched, but really, where has the time gone?!

I just wanted to take moment to reflect on how lovely this time of year generally is – whether or not you celebrate Christmas, getting festive and in the holiday spirit is always fun. It’s so nice to go into stores and see all of the beautiful decorations and set up. I find that it’s the one time of the year where no matter what you might be going through, you just get that feel-good vibe in the air. Plus, it also doesn’t hurt that my birthday falls during the holidays! Now, in case you’re wondering, I only get one gift. 🙂

The holidays is also a time of reflection and gratitude for all that you have. In saying thank you, I’d like to extend my sincerest thanks to gettingthroughanxiety for nominating my blog for another award: the Serenity Blog Award.
Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 11.23.24 PM.png

This is why I blog: to spread light to others on the same quest as me: to find peace and happiness. I think it’s safe to say that that is the one thing we constantly strive for in life and being on that journey with like-minded people only makes it more fulfilling.

At times, it can be a daily struggle to remain happy and content – and writing is the one vehicle that we, as bloggers, have to let our inner most thoughts and feelings out to share with the world and feed off of each others positive energy. This is what helps drive that happy train forward.

I look forward to sharing even more with all the amazing people out there in 2017 and beyond.

Once again, thank you to gettingthroughanxiety for the recognition. I’m truly humbled.

I nominate the following blogs for the Serenity Blog Award for their excellent and engaging content that promotes peace, goodwill, and positivity:

Ordinarily Extraordinary Mom

Create Your Life

Vincent Carlos

Wanderlust Ash

Today’s Perfect Moment

Joys of Joel

Bay Art

A huge congratulations to all of the nominees. Please continue to spread your light!

8 thoughts on “The Joy of the Holiday Season

  1. My manners are so bad. I wanted to thank you for nominating me for the “sharing peace through writing award.” Having been fortunate to be nominated for a couple of other awards, there always seemed to be a bunch of conditions/rules/ codes of conduct attached to them?
    I was going to wait until I posted something about this before thanking you…but I am not sure I will get around to it until after Christmas.
    Thanks again.

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