Black Friday Madness – Is it Worth It?

Toronto Eaton Centre: Photo c/o

So as we know, today is Black Friday and exactly one month before Christmas. As of this writing, people are still feverishly shopping and malls over overpacked with feverish shoppers looking for the best bargain.

I took the liberty of going to Toronto’s Eaton Centre today and while there is nothing particularly warm and fuzzy about Black Friday shopping, if done strategically, it can be very beneficial. Get to the malls early to beat the crowds, get what you came for and then get out.

As was expected, the crowds at the Eaton Centre were insane. You felt more like you were caught in a sea of zombies weaving through aisles, up and down escalators and in and out of stores.

After all, this is what is expected on Black Friday: Organized chaos.

Black Friday should be about getting what you need in a non-violent, peaceful fashion. It’s too bad this concept isn’t universally practiced.

Unfortunately, in some parts of the world, with Black Friday comes sheer barbarism.

Earlier today there was a report of a full-out brawl that broke out in a California mall, complete mayhem at a Georgia Walmart over dramatically-reduced towels, and a fatality in Reno, Nevada over a parking spot.

Numerous other shootings and casualties have also been reported but it’s unclear whether they were directly linked to Black Friday shopping or completely unrelated.

Regardless, the point is, is this is how we get into the holiday spirit? By acting like savages, pushing, punching, and killing each other just to save a few dollars?

And what about the completely innocent, patient, shoppers that inadvertently get caught in the crossfire?

It’s beyond appalling.

This may very well deter people from even bothering to go into stores and just shop online, but how unfair is that? Innocent, law-abiding shoppers should not have to feel threatened for their safety if they’ve taken the last toaster microseconds before Sally could get to it. Really, what happened to thinking twice before acting?

There is enough grief and negativity polluting our world, the last thing we should be doing is unleashing more of that toxicity on each other to save a few dollars.

The holiday season is meant to be about love, compassion, and forgiveness. We must not keep forgetting that.

God Bless us all.

Sadly, this also reminds me of an incident that took place locally back in May where a bloody fist-fight broke out over a parking spot at a Costco. Feel free to read my post on the incident here.

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