Puppy Love – My Personal Experience


So I’ve always adored animals but growing up, never had the experience of having a family dog or any pet for that matter (unless you want to count the gold fish that lasted about a week).

My friends would tell me about their pet stories and I would love hearing them but I could never really relate to how they actually felt.

That was until Truffles came along.

This pooch (pictured above) has brought a kind of joy to my life that I never realized I was missing.

He’s a four-month-old Yorkie and is just the most precious thing ever! I’ve had the pleasure of looking after him lately for a friend and it’s been such an amazing experience.

He honestly looks like an actual teddy bear, doesn’t he? I now seriously get what other pet-owners feel- and wow is it ever overwhelming! There really is a deep, emotional attachment likened to another human being.

This little guy is the closest thing to a human baby. He whimpers when left alone and makes the cutest little noises when being playful and in good spirits.

The other day I walked into the room to find that Truffles had found a bed on my pillow and, my goodness, it was literally a ball of cuteness! 🙂

IMG_9072 (1).jpg

And another time, he was sleeping like a little baby on my clothing. 🙂


I have found myself missing him when he isn’t around, smiling at the thought of him, and lighting up with joy when he comes to visit. I am now visiting pet stores and going through the pet aisle at other stores to see what else I can buy to make this little guy happy.

He chewed through his last leash so I bought him a new one for when he comes here so that I can take him for short walks – not too far away of course because given his tiny frame, I would be terrified to take him anywhere where he could get into contact with larger dogs!

Just in the last week actually, there have been a few stories in the local news: one dog was viciously attacked by another larger dog in the park, and a van full of dogs being cared for by a dog-walking company was stolen for several hours.  Thankfully, the outcome of these stories was positive with the dog in the first incident recovering and the van being found with the dogs safe, but I could honestly relate to the owners’ sheer distress over the situation. If this little guy ever went missing, I don’t know what I would do!

It’s been so nice waking up to him in bed and having him just sit on me while I stroke his cute little back. He’s also teething now so he bites at everything but his bite is so harmless that even if he put any force, it wouldn’t do anything. He also has his little doggy toys that he actively plays with.

This photo is from when he was first born – that face!


Overall, taking care of Truffles has given me a nice sneak preview on what it’s like to care for another being – and boy is it a lot of work, especially since he is far from being potty-trained so it can be quite the mission puppy-guarding the place and cleaning up after him often. Plus, the little guy sprints as fast as a lightning bolt so if he’s not on his leash, I have to be so careful when opening the front door. I’ve bonded with him enough that I’m hopeful he would trot back to me if he ever got out, but it’s not a risk I’m willing to take right now!

But honestly, it’s been such a humbling experience.

Here’s one more pic of him peering up at me with his little harness on as we get ready for a walk. I just can’t get over how cute and tiny he is!


Truffles, the universe loves you. 🙂

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