Hillary – Accepting Defeat with Dignity

Hillary Clinton, 2016 Presidential Candidate – Photo Source: @HillaryClinton

The US Election results this week were undoubtedly the hottest topic around the globe – and based on your own personal opinions, the results may have been in your favour or may have left you in shock and disbelief.

As a supporter of Hillary Clinton, I was completely baffled, like many others, at the outcome. It just goes to show you that no matter how prepared or determined you are to make something happen, when it’s left to the public to decide, anything is possible.

It also reiterates the dire consequences of choosing not to vote. It does not matter how well a campaign has been run, or how certain you are that your party is going to win – when the dust settles, your vote is what sparks victory, not fault assumptions.

News reports have stated that out of the 200 million people in the US qualified to vote and whom had actually registered to vote for this election, nearly half did not bother to cast a ballot. That is staggering.

Instead of getting into an in-depth discussion on what this means for the United States’future and go off on some anti-Trump rant – I simply want to focus on how gracefully Hillary carried herself in the wake of such an upset and the positive message it evoked.

When Hillary delivered her post-election concession speech yesterday, I was completely humbled by her words. She was not bitter or cynical and was the epitome of class showing sincere appreciation towards her entire camp of supporters.  She spoke with grace and conviction amid the obvious heartache.

“Donald Trump is going to be our president. We owe him an open mind and a chance to lead.” – Hillary Clinton (Source: cnn.com)

I’m sure these words were not easy for her to say, but again it goes to show you the measure of a person’s character and how to accept defeat with dignity.

She made some other great statements throughout her speech which resonated with me.

“Let us not grow weary in doing good, for in due season, we shall reap, if we do not lose heart.” Hillary Clinton

This quote spoke volumes reiterating the important lesson that you should never, ever stop doing great things for yourself and others no matter what set backs you face. As long as you keep moving forward and keep spreading your light, you will eventually experience the true reward of that unwavering dedication.

Hillary has also been a strong champion and supporter for women’s right throughout her entire career and I guess it was wishful thinking that we might actually have the luxury of seeing the first female president of the US!

“To all the little girls watching…never doubt that you are valuable and powerful & deserving of every chance & opportunity in the world.”Hillary Clinton

Overall, Hillary led a very strong and well-fought campaign and I salute her for the immense efforts throughout. Although the outcome was not what was desired, she is still very much a winner in my books.


What was your take on the election results? Please share your thoughts!

5 thoughts on “Hillary – Accepting Defeat with Dignity

  1. Are favourite was Sanders, but knowing the American paranoia about anything that smells social w”e knew he would not make a chance, so we had hoped Hilary Clinton to not only gain the majority of votes but also becoming the president.

    Surprised the present bully and unstable person is till on, we do hope we might soon come to see Mrs. M.Obama (1° place) as next president or H. Clinton (2° place) and have some order and normality again a great free democratic state worthy.

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