Running To Make A Difference


Today was the annual CIBC Breast Cancer Run for the Cure and I participated for the second year. This year’s run also marked the 20th anniversary of CIBC’s sponsorship of the event.

It was truly an amazing experience. The weather was perfect with the rain holding off completely. It ended up being mild but with a hint cool air – just the right temperature for an outdoor run.

There’s no better feeling than being surrounded by people who are sharing a common goal of courage, inspiration and support for the constant fight against breast cancer. The entire place was just oozing with positive energy.

It was great.

Events like this are incredible in bringing together a community of people who can relate to each other on some level. Whether you’re a breast cancer survivor, have a loved one affected by it, or just want to show your support, everyone is there for the same goal: to run for change.

All funds raised from this initiative goes towards breast cancer research to help improve preventative measures and early detention procedures. The money raised also goes towards the existing patient support network to help strengthen the emotional support of those stricken by the illness.

The Wall of Hope is a beautiful showcase of everyone’s kind words of support and dedication to the run. As I was writing my own words of support, I got asked if I wanted to get a photo taken, so I said – why not! 🙂


The run itself lasted about 30 – 45 minutes. I thought about “Snap-chatting” my experience along the way but I really didn’t want to break my concentration and lose sight of why I was running!

There were also event representatives at various pit stops along the route cheering you on as you inched closer to the finish line. It was really motivating and added to the great energy.

At the end you were greeted with more smiles and a lifetime supply of cold, refreshing , and much-needed beverages! 🙂

Law enforcement was out in full force showing their support for the cause as well.


The cutest part of the event was seeing family pets in action too showing their support with their pink ribbons. Too adorable!


For anyone interested in taking part in this great cause, I strongly encourage you to participate next year. The run date has already been announced and will be held on Sunday, October 1st 2017. Check out the Run for the Cure page for your nearest run location.

Join me in the fight against breast cancer. Whether you go it alone or bring your family and friends, just know that you are making a huge difference.

We are all changemakers when we run!


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