When Chaos Hits Close To Home


What started out as a regular Wednesday morning quickly turned into a scene out of a movie.

Working out of a small office in a quiet area of Richmond Hill, there really isn’t much that goes on around here – other than the regular every day busyness.

But today was a very different story.

As I turned the corner into my complex, I was greeted by a sea of police cars, officers, yellow police tape, news crews – and five badly-damaged vehicles.

I was just in awe. Is this really the same street I drive on every day? 

Although there are conflicting accounts of what transpired, a driver seemingly lost control of his vehicle which led to a five-car pileup around 6:30am. As of this writing, there have been no fatalities (thankfully) but one person was in serious condition.


It was such a surreal feeling to be surrounded by media personnel feverishly grabbing their video cameras and microphones to get eyewitness accounts of what happened. You know it’s bad when a CTV, Global and CP24 van are taking up your regular parking spots.

This is the sort of thing that you see on the news – you never expect to be a part of it.

As the photo above illustrates, a police officer is being interviewed by a reporter with onlookers standing by. As you can see from some of the wreckage off to the side, the accident was quite gruesome. A quick google search will take you to several news articles that will give you more details.

As an avid watcher of CP24 every morning, I’m used to seeing Sgt. Cam Woolley‘s accounts of the latest breaking news – and it always seems so far way – as if that’s one world and then there is my own world – a world consisting of just getting up, doing my morning regimen and getting out the door. But today, those worlds definitely collided when Woolley was reporting right outside my office. I was definitely given a reality check.

Terrible things can truly happen anywhere at anytime. In this case, it is yet another stark reminder to be grateful for your well-being every day and remain extra cautious on the roads. You can never drive too defensively.


2 thoughts on “When Chaos Hits Close To Home

  1. It is surprising when your world comes into contact with that much bigger, other world–meaning that sometimes our tranquil existence is disrupted. Glad that you weren’t in the middle of the pileup.

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