Costco Parking Lot Fight Illustrates What Is So Wrong With Society


Last week, a video-taped altercation inside a Greater Toronto Area Costco. parking lot erupted all over the internet for its shock and disgust value.

The whole thing started over a parking spot but quickly escalated into a fist-throwing mess.

This is a very unfortunate example of what can happen when people choose aggression and hostility over self-restraint and just taking the high road. It’s really easy to act on your impulses, but then, who ends up winning in the end? No one. You end up looking and feeling stupid – and it’s all caught on tape for the world to see, and you then inspire people to blog about it (irony intended).

However, it takes a special kind of person to swallow their frustration and anger and just turn the other cheek for the sake of humanity. Perhaps one was in the wrong for abruptly taking a parking spot the other couple had been waiting for, but so be it.This wouldn’t be the first time this has happened and this won’t be the last. There are plenty of other spots and it wouldn’t have hurt anyone to have had to walk a little further on such a beautiful, warm day.

Unfortunately in this case, the reaction was the epitome of what not to do. Tempers initially flared and then seemingly calmed down, but then started up again when one of the parties involved decided to continue her combative tirade. It all became very personal though when an innocent child inadvertently got caught up in the mess. I just could not believe the sheer classlessness of the people involved in this – more so those that made things worse. It’s embarrassing to call them adults when they acted so poorly, especially in front of a child.

This incident has forced me to reiterate some important things to consider before acting so irrationally:

THINK before you act – Seems like a no-brainer, eh? Yes, we are all human and we get annoyed, especially living such busy lives and not having enough hours in the day to get everything done. However, acting on impulse without thinking will NOT help your cause. You may be dying to backhand the person that just cut you off, but instead, try taking a few deep breaths to help calm yourself and then be done with it and move on. 

PEOPLE are watching – Sorry, but whether you like it or not, in this mobile-savvy society that we now live in, anything and everything that you do in public has a likelihood of being captured on video. So for that reason alone, you should think twice before engaging in questionable behaviour. In this case, the person filming the video was in plain view and was even acknowledged (albeit in a hostile manner) by one of the parties involved – but unfortunately that did not stop the party involved from further escalating the situation. I personally saw nothing wrong with the individual videotaping this because it ended up being strong evidence for the police once they got involved and just showcased the sheer barbarism of it all.

This leads to my next point about having some concern about your own self-image.

CARE about your own reputation – As mentioned, with the ease at which our actions can be videotaped nowadays, it is more important than ever to have some level concern about your online image. Since this video was posted a couple of days ago, it has gone viral garnering over 1 million hits on YouTube and has been shared thousands of times via various media outlets.

These folks sure got their 15 seconds of ‘shame’.

As of this afternoon, the comments had been disabled, but before then, the public had quite a bit to say about the people involved and you can safely assume that none of it was positive. Imagine going to work on the following Monday and having to explain yourself to your boss, who more than likely saw the video? I would imagine that would be a very awkward conversation.

And on top of that, remember that you are supposed to be an adult setting an example for your own children. It was appalling that one of the parties in this incident actually went and opened the car door of the other couple where their child was sitting! It’s disturbing to think what that individual’s intentions were by over-stepping to that extent. This whole thing could have easily ended at the foul-mouthed exchange, but clearly certain individuals had other motives and were just looking for trouble with no regard for any consequences. And as a result, an innocent child was unnecessarily subjected to watching her parents engage in such negativity which was probably quite traumatizing.

So all in all, if the urge to dropkick someone overtakes you because they stole your shopping cart or parking spot or whatever the case may be,  please do yourself a favour and just walk the other direction. You will always be the better and bigger person for doing so.  

Here’s the full video, but due to the heavy use of expletives and behaviour, viewer discretion is strongly advised.

3 thoughts on “Costco Parking Lot Fight Illustrates What Is So Wrong With Society

  1. first time I’m seeing this video, that’s crazy. definitely agree with everything you said, great post

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