Never Let Laziness Get in the Way of Taking Care of Yourself


We’ve all been there. After a long, hard day, all we want to do is come home and do nothing. This can often include skipping your nightly  bathroom regimen – bad idea.

Aside from the obvious reasons it would be unwise to not clean up before bed, added complications can also arise.

1) Your laziness can effect the quality of your brushing

It’s one thing to skip brushing your teeth before bed altogether, but it’s just as bad to do a haphazard job of it – especially if you use an electric toothbrush. A friend of mine recently had a scare where they thought they were going to need emergency gum surgery because they had let go of their oral health for some time. When I say let go, I don’t mean they stopped brushing their teeth for months (yuck) but they just got lazy and stopped being so thorough. One day they felt some sensitivity in their mouth and saw that their gums were in terrible condition. This was a culmination of not regularly flossing in so long and for misusing the electric toothbrush. You’re supposed to let the bristles do the work, not your arm – otherwise you are actually damaging your gums rather than cleaning them.

A quick trip to the dentist confirmed that if they didn’t quickly turn around their lifestyle, they would need to get a gum graft – which is basically a procedure where they take a piece of tissue from the roof of your mouth to restore the gums of the affected tooth (ick!). Although it’s a relatively quick procedure, it certainly isn’t the most pleasant experience. Plus, with any type of surgery, no matter how minor, there is always the risk of complications. Imagine how crummy one would feel if they had to get such a thing done because of their own carelessness, when it could have easily been prevented? It’s not worth it.

So that scare was enough to zap them back to reality and since then, they have been more disciplined than ever with their dental hygiene and their teeth and gums have been looking markedly better and healthier – and they’re a much happier person overall.

2) Your laziness can negatively impact your visual health

Attention ladies: we may love how our eyes look when made up nicely, but that won’t matter if we aren’t disciplined in cleaning it off every night. Aside from waking up with unpleasant ‘eye goo’, there could be worse consequences to deal with.

Take it from my own experience: I enjoy wearing a lot of eye makeup and I’m normally good at regularly cleaning if off every night (I use Lancome’s BiFacil double-action eye makeup remover which works wonders, by the way), but I started getting a bit too confident with myself recently and decided to let it slide a couple of days. The end result? An eye infection. Not fun at all. I definitely got a reality check when this happened since I had to force myself to not wear any eye makeup for a few days while my eye healed – and this wasn’t easy. But it also made me realize how important your visual health is and to never ever take it for granted. Now, no matter how tired or lazy I feel, I always ensure that I properly cleanse my eyes every night and wash my makeup brushes regularly – another important habit to encourage strong visual health. And I’m sure my eyes will thank me.

So the lesson learned here is, don’t stop taking care of your nightly personal hygiene no matter how tired you get, because it will catch up to you. When laziness taps you on the shoulder, always think about the long-term consequences of your inaction. That will surely be enough to get yourself off your butt and put yourself before your desire to ‘not bother’.

The image in this post can be found here.

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