Snow in May – SAD isn’t it?



I felt the need to reblog this post from last November since today’s weather made it feel as though we were back in fall. It’s mid-May and we were dealing with 4 degrees, chilly winds and even some snow flurries at times! Yes, that’s right. Snow in May. Depressing, isn’t it? I figured we could use a little reminder on how to keep our spirits up in the midst of this bipolar weather phenomenon. This is also why I find that the concept of putting away the winter clothes for the season is going away since we seem to need winter clothing all year round!

One point that I wanted to add about beating the weather blues that wasn’t in the original post, is to dress for how you want to feel and not for how the weather is making you feel. For example, the other day, I woke up to a gloomy, overcast Friday and it just dampened my mood immediately. This was reflected in my choice of clothes too – black pants and a black shirt. It clearly wasn’t what I wanted to wear, but I was allowing the drabness of the weather get to me. So I then told myself, no, I am going to wear what reflects the mood I want to be in – so instead, I threw on a nice summery floral dress and matched it with some bright coloured earrings and my mood immediately lifted. And funnily enough, the weather actually cleared up later in the day and the sun managed to come out!

Of course, I’m not saying to throw on a pair of shorts when it’s cloudy and -20, but when spring is supposedly here but winter’s remnants keep stubbornly sticking around, try to dress more vibrantly, for the weather we should be having, whenever possible. The optimism and positive outlook will surely help turns things around.

Sarah Warsi


You know Old Man Winter is on his way when you look out your window at 6pm and it’s pitch black.

Are you generally a happier person when the days are longer and the sun is shining bright right up until 9pm? Does a feeling of doom and gloom overcome you during the fall and winter months as the days get shorter and darkness sets in a lot faster?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

In the past, I always found it difficult to stay in brighter spirits around this time of the year and couldn’t seem to figure out why. In the summer, when the days were longer, my enthusiasm and energy levels would be at an all-time high; but as soon as October would hit, this funk would come over me and it became a challenge just to stay on top of my routine. It was then that I…

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