Is there truly no place that is ‘safe’ anymore?


Part of my morning routine is to flip on the news to get caught up with the days current events, and today was no different. But one piece of news just shocked me today because it hit so close to home.

There had been a report of yet another act of violence at a school. Only this time, it wasn’t just any school – it was my former high school. Nine people had been stabbed by a student in a seemingly random attack, but it has since been reported that the act could have been planned – which makes it more disturbing. This was the school where I studied for five years, the school where I held so many cherished memories from my adolescence, the school that was merely five minutes from where I once lived. I was in such disbelief when I heard this story. It just sent shivers all over me. All I could think of was, what is going on? Is there truly no place that is safe anymore?

When I was growing up, going to school was the most innocent and safe activity you could do, with perhaps your biggest hurdle being that you forgot to bring your lunch or that you got detention for mischievously skipping a class. Never in a million years did you ever have to think about your life being at risk!

Thankfully, in today’s incident, nobody was seriously hurt and the suspect was apprehended rather quickly. I think it is also important to note that the team work and quick thinking of fellow students and staff kept this incident from escalating into something much worse, so kudos to them. However, this has surely left a very unsettling feeling at the school going forward. Students should not have to look over their shoulder anytime they go to their locker or walk down the hallway. It’s just not right.

It only goes to show you that terrible things can truly happen anywhere. Just last December, a young woman was killed inside a busy drug store in Toronto’s downtown district in a completely random and unprovoked attack. In 2012, a stray of bullets were fired into Toronto’s busy Eaton Centre food court killing two and wounding several others. That same year, a gunman opened fire in a Colorado movie theatre killing 12 and injuring dozens more.

Does this mean that you should remain holed up in your home and cease to have a life? Of course not. Unfortunately, we cannot control nor predict the acts of these individuals. All we can do is remain on high alert and pray for the safety and protection of ourselves and our loved ones and also pray that the people driven to such violent acts get the help that they need before anyone else gets hurt.

Read the full story about today’s incident here.

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