Make the Best of the Life You Have


We’ve all heard it before: Life is short. Take each day as it comes.

It’s cliched, but it’s more important than ever before to remember this.

In the last week or so, we have lost a few well-known names to cancer: David Bowie and Rene Angelil to name a few.

Unfortunately, people suffer and succumb to cancer or some other terrible disease every single day, famous or not; but what struck me with the recent string of deaths was just the stark reminder of the fragility of life.

This leads me to reiterate the importance of getting yourself routinely checked out. Go to the doctor, get a physical, and ask the right questions. Just because you feel healthy and live a seemingly healthy life does not disqualify you from regular check-ups. Don’t be afraid of the unknown. That alone can be crippling. Remember, when it comes to your health, knowledge is power and ignorance is not bliss.

Since I entered my thirties, I’ve just felt this yearning to worry less and be more free and take each day as it comes – because you just never know when it will all come to a close. And although you might be facing challenges in your life and things may not be falling quite into place, just remember to always be happy and grateful for what you already have, because there are people out there that unfortunately have it far worse.

Just soak up the present moment and be aware of the beauty of life that surrounds you, now.

God Bless those that have departed and my thoughts and prayers are with their families.


Note: The image in this post can be found here.


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