Four tips on how to beat the post-vacation blues


With the holiday season now behind us, most of us are back to a regular routine this week, whether that’s work or school or both. Are you having trouble getting the momentum going again? Are you in a post-holiday funk which you’re finding it hard to break away from? Not to worry, you’re not alone.
Here are a few tips that have worked for me in the past to help jerk me out of the post-holiday blues.

1) Keep the calendar full

What better motivation is there than looking forward to when you can be off again? A new year means a new vacation schedule so stop feeling sorry for yourself and start planning your next getaway or staycation to keep the excitement going.

2) Ease back into it

The last thing you want to do is jump into your workload full throttle, so take baby steps to adjust back to your schedule by doing the following:

  • Have less meetings – Minimize the number of meetings you have to allow yourself the time to get organized and reacquainted with your tasks.
  • Get out of mail jail – The last thing you want to do is to come back to 300 unread emails, so assuming you have remote access to your email,  take it upon yourself to start screening your inbox a day or two in advance of returning – you will thank yourself later. If you don’t have access, then start trudging through that sea of red diligently starting from the oldest and working your way up. Don’t start sporadically responding to emails because you’ll just overwhelm yourself and get even more confused.
  • Communicate with your colleagues – Depending on the role you have, you might find that as soon as you return, your colleagues will eagerly want a piece of you and quickly lose sight of the fact that you just came back from vacation. Sure, they will ask how your holidays were, but soon after, it’s all business – whether it’s assistance with something, a question here, a clarification there. This can be quite stressful when trying to adjust back to your routine because you likely won’t have the answers to their questions right away. So try to find a way to let your coworkers know that you’re currently inundated with your own work, and that once you’re caught up, you will be able to discuss their inquiries with them in a smoother fashion.

3) Get active again

A big challenge with the post-vacation blues is getting back into an active lifestyle. If you find yourself feeling sluggish and lethargic then let that be a stark reminder that you need to hit the active again. We know the holidays typically mean eating like there is no tomorrow or forgetting that a gym even exists – so once it’s back to business – the same goes for your physical activity.

4) Without work, there is no play

Always remember that while a vacation is great, whether you go away  or not, it feels even better if you have truly earned the time off. So don’t complain so much about having to be back at work. Instead, be thankful that you have a job. Work hard, be humble, and do your best so that when it comes time for another relaxing getaway, you will feel like you have really deserved it.

So if you’re having trouble sobering up from your post-vacation hangover, consider these friendly reminders as a guide to get you back on track – and before you know it – you’ll be setting your out-of-office for your next holiday!

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