Be kind, it pays off

With the holidays just around the corner, I thought it was fitting to reiterate the importance of being kind.

We can so easily get caught up in the chaos of everyday life, rushing through each day trying to get everything done, but one thing to always remember is quite simple: be nice. It will go a long way.

In October, I encountered an incident that solidified my faith in good samaritans. I was parked at a local subway station one afternoon only to come back to a note on my windshield. It was from a stranger informing me that my car had been scratched. Because it was dark, I hadn’t initially noticed anything and probably would not have until the next morning.

The stranger’s note was so detailed, that I was more taken aback by his sheer kindness than the incident itself. After all, cars unfortunately get dinged and scratched all the time in parking lots, and this person could have so easily just ignored what he saw – given that the time of the incident was right around the start of the evening rush hour – but he actually took the time to write out a detailed note depicting the entire incident.

Luckily, the damage ended up not being as bad as it had initially looked, so I decided not to pursue further action because it would have been more hassle than it was worth, but I was truly humbled by this stranger’s act of kindness. His empathy was so apparent and it just made me happy to know that amid all the negativity that we are surrounded by, good, well-intention people do exist. So, Terry, I thank you.

A smile can go a long way

Another example of how a random act of kindness can go a long way was a heartfelt story that was recently in the news:

A woman from Michigan bought a cake from a local bakery when it was given to her as shown in the photo below. Instead of disputing the poor nature of the writing, she smiled and thanked the employee and was ready to cash out. At that point, she was informed by another employee, that the person who wrote on the cake should not have because she is autistic, but that the patron’s kindness and acceptance probably went a long way for her.

Read the full story  here.

Source: Lisa Sarber Aldrich’s Facebook Page

As you can see, it’s all about choices. Had the woman shown her frustration at the cake being so poorly written on, no one would have blamed her because, as a customer, she would have been well within her right to want a product she was satisfied with. But instead, she chose to be nice.  This story went viral reaffirming the fact that kindness is infectious.

The lesson learned is: You really never know what someone is going through in their personal life, so no matter how bad of a day you might be having, or how rushed you are, or how tempting it might be to give that person irritating you, a piece of your mind, bite your tongue, turn that scowl into a smile and be kind. You will reap the rewards of doing so.

Do you have any stories of random acts of kindness? Please share!

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