Don’t Rush, It’s Not Worth It


So this past weekend, I was at a local Tim Horton’s enjoying a cup of coffee and reading a book when out of nowhere, I heard a loud boom! 

I thought, “Oh my God, what happened?” I immediately got up and ran to where a small crowd had formed near the front door.

When I peaked out the window, I saw the bottom half of the building wall destroyed, with pieces of brick spewed all over the ground and a disgruntled man stepping out of a badly damaged Toyota.

This photo shows a Tim Horton’s employee and passerby observing the aftermath of an accident after a car drove into a Tim Horton’s wall.

In talking with a few other patrons who had witnessed the mishap, it turned out that the driver tried to cut a corner way too quickly in order to exit the parking lot and misjudged the amount of space he had to make the turn. As a result, he ended up jumping the curb and plowing into the wall of the coffee shop.

This photo shows the damage to the vehicle after the incident occurred.

Thankfully, the driver was uninjured and no other passerby were in the vicinity of where the accident occurred, otherwise it could have been a much worse scenario.

As I reflected upon this incident, it reminded me of a larger, very important life lesson: Don’t rush.

At any given time, I get a news alert on my phone about a serious crash or another pedestrian being stuck. Just last week, 13 pedestrians were struck in a span of five hours  in the GTA. While the rainy weather was likely a contributing factor to these incidents, it just makes you wonder how many of these accidents could have been prevented if people just slowed down. I mean this literally and figuratively. 

Rushing in any aspect of your life, whether it’s at work, school, home, or this is case, while driving, will more often than not end up with a negative outcome. So what if it takes a few extra minutes to pick up your child from daycare or to get home and get dinner started? At least you will reach your destination in one piece!

Putting your life or the lives of others in danger just because you want to save a few seconds, simply isn’t worth it.

When it comes to driving, it is particularly important to just be patient. Sure, everyone hates traffic, (including me) and most of us have likely shown some form of road rage while driving, whether it’s flipping the bird to the person who wouldn’t let you into their lane, or excessively honking the slow poke in front of you, but the point is to remain a calm and cautious driver.

If I’m stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, I just turn on some good music to make the most of an inconvenient situation. It keeps me relaxed and focused. If good music isn’t cutting it, I just end up grumbling under my breath or let out a couple of deep sighs. The point is, I’m dealing with my annoyance without letting aggression take over to potentially trigger any sudden, reckless maneuvers.

The driver in this case remained at the scene and was cooperative, but is likely facing a hefty insurance bill, including having to deal with the repercussions of damaging a business – all for making one poor decision.

Now, realistically speaking, we are human beings and sometimes it is difficult to control our impulsive tendencies. Let this just be another reminder to please slow down. Don’t be in such a rush to get things done yesterday. The consequences of your impatience could have a far more detrimental outcome.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Rush, It’s Not Worth It

  1. You’re absolutely right. I usually run into cashiers who apologize that something is taking too much time. I usually tell them that I am in no hurry and they can take it easy. As long as I know they are doing something, I am okay if it takes a while.
    With driving, I am a little less patient…..sadly.

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